PET bottles are known for their glass-like clarity, strength and barrier properties that preserve the product's quality, protect against damage and excellent content visibility.

Customers choose PET bottles for its safety, light weight, shatter-resistance and recyclability.

Our PET bottles and containers are manufactured in a single-stage process. We are capable of making 15 ml up to 4 liters bottles and containers.

Our Customers :


INNOPACK offers a wide range of stock PET jars for your products. Our crystal clear jars allow the beauty and quality of your product to shine through.

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PP cups are light-weight, durable, chemical resistant and recyclable. Innopack offers a wide range of PP cups available in both clear, extra clear and opaque finishes that can be custom printed up to six colors. We also produce multi layer cups that can extend the shelf life of your products.

Our Customers :


INNOPACK produces single and multi compartment trays for a variety of markets including bakery, caterings, restaurants, supermarkets and non-food markets.

We are also able to provide multilayer trays with oxygen barrier that can extend the shelf life of your product.

The Benefit of Multi Layer :

  • Oxygen barrier
  • Heat resistance up to 120 ℃
  • Microwaveable
  • Impervious to taste
  • Long shelf life for foods and beverages packaging
  • Light and durable replacement for metal, glass, and paper packaging
  • Reach a wider market target
  • Flexible design